The Rise of Extreme Sports

extreme-sportsWhile the vast majority of sporting events have more or less the same target and hold in the highest regard the human body, they are beginning to lose ground to other types of sporting events. One of the main reasons for this loss of interest can be attributed to their predictability, which comes as a consequence to the vast number of rules and regulations behind them. It is worth noting that these rules are in place mostly for good reason, to ensure the safe and fair conduct of the event itself, however that renders sports quite mundane by today’s standards. Besides the obvious political sentiment that can be invoked in the spectator in competitions such as the Olympic Games, there is very little that they can do to surprise the viewer.

Some sports that have no such issue are what are considered to be extreme sports. These type of competitions highlight another aspect besides the obvious physical attributes that the contestants need to attain, which is the dangers that individuals expose themselves to. What sets these games apart is the very limited amount of regulations that exists around them. Their goal, in a way, is to shock the spectators and keep them at the edge of their seat as they watch the events unfold. Participants in these type of competitions know very well the dangers that they expose themselves to, however there is a passion behind these types of events, almost cult-like.

There is a matter of the questionable morals that may arise from these types of competitions, at the very least from the side of the viewer. Whilst there is an obvious incentive for contestants to participate, either financial or something as basic as the adrenaline rush that stems from it, it is rather grotesque in a way for a spectator to take enjoyment by watching others put themselves in harm’s way.

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