Sports have always been a crucial part of society and as such one cannot imagine living in a world where sporting competitions are not a thing. This domain has evolved and expanded over the course of history giving birth to whole new industries and types of economies, as such it has gone way past its original scope of simply providing friendly grounds for competition. Starting with the likes of ancient Greece that gave birth to the Olympics and the pinnacle of what a human body can achieve through years of hard work and training, today sports mean so much more than a simple contest of the body.

Nowadays, sports are far more broad as far as concepts go, as they are composed of more than just trials of the body, but also of the mind in game competitions and of courage to face dangers with extreme sports events. It has captivated people beyond simply watching, it inticed them to risk things of value in order to win something of greater value based on the results of such competitions.

This active participation on the side of the viewer has given birth to a whole new industry, that of betting, which makes the viewer more engaged as he himself has something on the line. The allure of this practice has lead to a whole new way of looking at sports beyond that simple process of competition. With moderation individuals can engage more actively with sporting events by making bets from the comfort of their own home thanks to betting sites which in turn makes the experience much more personal.